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Is LinkedIn Worth It?

LinkedIn is the top social media site for career professionals – professionals from every possible niche. And so, it is for translators too – especially for freelance translators who want to make connections and network.

Once you join LinkedIn, you will begin to receive notifications from LinkedIn if someone has requested to connect with you. You will also receive suggestions of people you may know and with whom you may want to connect. You may be tempted to only accept connections with people you know – don’t do that. The goal of LinkedIn is to connect with as many professionals as possible. You never know where work may come from.

Craft an Amazing Profile

You will wat a good profile photo. It does not have to be professionally done and you don’t have to be in a suit and a tie. But you should wear a collared shirt – just a head shot will do. Although if you want to make it more interesting, you can use a photo of you at work, in your office.

Your profile should obviously include a description of what you do, why you do what you do (because you love it, of course), include your resume that describes some of your big accomplishments, along with your educational background, any certifications you hold, and your specialties. A key element of what you put in your profile will be keywords and keyword phrases – terms that others would use to search for translators.

Keep your profile updated, and add any important projects you complete. This adds credibility to your expertise.

One of the relatively new features of LinkedIn is the ability to upload videos. If you believe that you can create a professional video that is engaging, by all means do it.

Join Groups

Of course, you will want to join groups of translators and editors. But think of other groups that could be marketing targets. There are international students; there are non-native researchers and authors; there are managers and executives of enterprises that have a global presence. And if you specialize in a specific area of translation, you will want to join groups related to that specialty above all.

Write Posts

If you are a good writer – creative and engaging – write some blog posts for publication on the platform. Write often. You can even share posts that you have written for your own website. You can include links to your website. (and yes, you do need a website). However, if writing is not one of your talents – try to find some writing service. PickWriters.com is a good platform for this.

Be Consistent

Participation in groups and their discussions is essential if you intend for people to think of you when they have translation needs. You must be a regular contributor. Because of this, you may want to limit the number of groups you join, so that you can be a “regular.”

The same goes for other social media platforms. You cannot be everywhere. Pick a couple of platforms where your research tells you potential clients hang out. But LinkedIn should definitely be one of those platforms.

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